23 Weeks and morning sickness

I am officially 23 weeks pregnant right now and I could not be feeling better. The first few months were horribly tough, I have been suffering from crazy morning sickness since the beginning. It is starting to let up now, but it has felt like forever since I just felt good. They don’t tell you that morning sickness can last all day for months on end. I found a few things that helped me get through it.

First of all, Preggie Pops have been incredible. They are essentially hard candies that have been designed to alleviate morning sickness. They are also a good and sneaky way to get a few calories into you when it is a battle to keep anything down at all. The ones I had came in four different flavours (sour lemon, sour orange, sour apple, and sour raspberry) and they were delicious. I’ve also been merrily sucking away on some cherry flavoured B-Natal Therapop suckers. Again, these are a hard candy, though these ones come on a stick which honestly you just can’t beat. They contain vitamin B6 and are again designed to help combat morning sickness, and are a good way to get a few extra calories.

Anything ginger seemed to help immensely too. I’m not a fan of ginger normally, but when I’m not feeling too well it often does just the job. I tried most things ginger, but I found that the one that worked the best was a herbal lemon and ginger tea from Twinings. Now, I love tea, but this has to be by far one of the best ones I’ve tried, and it made me feel better too. Can’t beat that. I tried a few other ginger based teas that I found to be vile, though hard to tell if that was the tea or the sickness but I can’t say I have any desire to try them again to find out.

Aside from that I have found that lots of fresh air can help, heat can make it worse which is unfortunate being that it is the middle of summer.  I’m thrilled that my morning sickness seems to be becoming less and less now, though it still pops up every couple of days or so. I am looking forward to the time when this part of my experience is over which hopefully won’t be too long now.


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